A Balance of Beauty and Function

Fast Moving

Anyone in the market for a fast moving shotgun will be impressed with the Krieghoff K 20. It is designed from the inside out to be able to offer plenty of speed. It is easy to load and it offers a double barrel. It can be used with various choke tubes which only further adds to the flexibility it offers.

In addition to being fast moving, the Krieghoff K 20 also offers plenty of precision. It can help you to improve your scores in skeet and trap. It can also help you to get your prey when you take it out on a hunt. The mount on this gun is part of the reason it can be used so precisely. In addition to being light, this is also a slim design and you will be very content with it.


The Krieghoff K 20 is a 20 gauge, twin barrel model. You can choose the barrels in 30′ or 32″ length. If you aren’t sure which you need, it is a good idea to shoulder both before you make a buy. At the very least, your arm length should be measured to make sure you get them one that is the best fit. The wrong length can make it harder to use any shotgun successfully.


You can count on the sights with the Krieghoff K 20 to help you find and successfully hit your target. You will get the feel of how much lead you need to offer when you shoot targets or prey in the wild with it. This shotgun features two sights. There is a metal bead at the center of the gun and a white pearl sight at the front of it.


The core body of the Krieghoff K 20 is made from steel that is nickel plated. All of the pins and screws are blued. Every piece of this shotgun works with the others to offer smooth and efficient movements. The trigger is adjustable for your finger length, and this is a perk that can also enhance your shooting accuracy.

This is a shotgun that is going to last over time. You may use it very often and it is still going to act very well. It is a consistent gun you can count on and it will become one you really enjoy using from the beginning. Cleaning it regularly will help to promote it to work properly and smoothly.

Beautiful Design

This shotgun offers walnut with a fine chequering design to it. The colors can vary based on the specific gun due to the oils used on them. A vintage scroll type of engraving is offered on them. It can be fun to pick the design you want too. While it is a beautiful design you will enjoy looking at, it is also fully functional.

Don’t be surprised if you get plenty of compliments on such a shotgun. It is going to get noticed when you take it out to the shooting range or you take it out for a hunt with others. Not only will they be impressed with the beautiful design, they will be even more impressed with how you shoot with it.

Source by Shawn Johnson

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