Advantages and Disadvantages of Drawer Safes

Drawer safes can be a great way to secure some of your most expensive, personal, or prized possessions. There are nearly endless uses for this type of safe. They are great for home or office use and have many benefits, but also a few drawbacks to using them. This article will help you decide whether a drawer safe is right for you.

Here are some of the Advantages:

The first benefit of using these safes is that they are a great way to store, hide and protect your valuables at your home or office. You can easily use them to store jewelry, medications or important papers in your home.

They are also small enough to fit into your existing furniture for an excellent hiding place and to keep them out of view from home invaders. This can be a great advantage because they can be easily hidden from view of intruders.

The final supporting point is that they are also portable if you need to keep important documents or valuables with you when you are on the go. A drawer safe can great to store those precious items and documents if you live in a hurricane prone area and must evacuate your home. This also makes them ideal for children leaving for college.

These are some Disadvantages:

The primary point against drawer safes is that their size limits the amount of items they can hold. There are a few different sizes to choose from, but all of your valuables may not fit into them. This can be countered by having more than one in your home.

Another problem is that some of the least expensive models can sometimes be easily broken into. This is not true of all of them, but some product reviews mention that they could possibly be pried open by a thief.

A third significant point is the fact that because of their size and portability, if they are found by an intruder the whole safe could be stolen. This is not a significant problem because these safes can be securely bolted down inside of a drawer, on a shelf or in a cabinet in your home for a safe hiding place and secure storage.

Now both sides have been heard from and the Pros and Cons are stacked up, in favor and against. There are numerous benefits to having a safe in your home and an electronic drawer safe is a smart way to protect your valuables. Weigh these pros and cons to decide if using drawer safes in your home is right for you.

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