Airsoft – A Good Recreational Activity

Airsoft is mainly a recreational activity where mock-up fire-arms which shoot round, plastic pellet. Airsoft guns can be a personal collection or it can be used for proficient training purposes. Airsoft games seriously vary in style and composition depending on the location, budget and the number of participants. But frequently it depends on the ranges, from short-term skirmishes and organized situations to military simulations and historical reenactments. The combat situation on the battlefield essentially uses common military tactics to accomplish the objectives set in the game. Participants, in general use varying types of airsoft weaponry along with either real or fake military gears or uniforms.

Airsoft guns in general look like real Firearms. The firearms are separated to three groups: the Spring Powered BB guns, the Electric Powered Machine guns and the Gas-powered or the CO2 Airsoft rifles. There is an array of shapes and sizes. There are revolvers, Pistols, Snipers or Rifles which has a selection of changeable trigger, power velocity, shockproof and multiple shot features which is simply irresistible for an avid Airsoft rifle shooter.

An example of a spring powered gun is the AA-957C which uses 6mm ammunition and has semi-automatic action. The corners of the sight are smooth for use in holsters. A WA-A10-CH3181 is an example of a Electric Powered gun. This gun could shoot 300 FPS. And the PA-J05355NS2 is an example of a Gas Powered gun. It is made of metal and ABS plastic giving it a powerful and weighty feel.

In the United Kingdom, Ireland and Italy the energy limit for Airsoft guns is One joule or 100m/s with 0.20g, 6 mm BB. Majority of the Airsoft guns are able to shoot from 50 m/s to 125 m/s. But it is also possible to purchase upgraded internals for some Airsoft guns that could shoot up to 180 m/s.

Source by Jennifer Foleyn

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