Autococker Pump Gun – Convert to Pump With a Conversion Kit

Autocockers pump guns have seen some good times. They were spawned in popularity in early 90’s with the release of the WGP Sniper, but died in popularity as paintball turned to faster markers of the electronic kind. It wasn’t until recently that we have begun to see a push back into autococker technology.

In early 2004-2005 a ton of cheap autocockers surged the marketplace. eBay and online paintball stores were flooded with cheap knockoffs that seemingly surpassed demand. Paintballers around that time were looking for a cheap autococker they could customize from the ground up, and were definitely able to get their fill with what was readily available. Over time though, sales dipped, and these autocockers were swept under the rug.

Success for this breed of paintball marker has reemerged today. The creation of the autococker pump conversion kit couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. With players needing to save money, and actively seeking a way to do so, many turned to pump paintball. This slower form of paintball is picking up popularity, as more and more players are picking it up.

Autococker owners can now convert their paintball gun into an all-out pump. They can also benefit from the surpassing amount of upgrades available for autococker type paintball guns. Undoubtedly, these kits are a saving grace for paintballers that want to save money by shooting less.

Aside from the benefit of saving money, players who have a pump converted autococker can enjoy the unsurpassed accuracy of pump paintball guns. Pump markers are known to have the 2 basic elements of accuracy – consistency and what I like to call “aim-ability.” Pump markers are more accurate because the wielder is forced to take longer in aiming. This is simply because they are playing at a disadvantage, and subconsciously know they must hit their target the first time or suffer the repercussions.

With the pump kit available, and the ever-growing demand for cheaper alternatives for paintball play, we can except to see more players making the switch to an autococker pump gun.

Source by Rick Halpard

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