Best Websites For Purchasing Airsoft Sniper Rifles & AEG’s

When shopping around for a new airsoft sniper rifle or AEG (automatic electric gun), usually the price is the main thing that people worry about. Unfortunately this can sometimes get you into trouble in the long run though, as many of the websites that sell airsoft guns offer very poor customer service (for example, having to wait 1 or 2 weeks before your purchase even gets shipped out to you). Also, I have heard a good many horror stories of customers purchasing defective airsoft rifles and then never even receiving a replacement gun, among other things.

Another thing to look out for with many of the online airsoft stores/websites, is inaccurate product images. For some reason it seems abnormally hard to get quality product images for many of the Chinese made airsoft rifles (especially the airsoft sniper rifles), so it is fairly common for an airsoft retailer to just post a picture of an airsoft gun that is SIMILAR to the actual airsoft gun that they are selling. Usually this isn’t that big of a deal, since most of them are practically identical anyways, but it can certainly create some confusion in some cases, especially with the airsoft rifles that have actual trademark logos on them.

The other major thing to consider is where the online airsoft store is actually located. Most of them are located in California, due to the fact that they import their products from china, and California is where the products actually get dropped off (they come via large boat). As long as the store is located in the US it doesn’t really matter all that much; what you want to look out for is a store that is actually located in China, since it will literally take WEEKS to receive any order that you purchase from them (at least in most cases).

Now, as far as which websites I recommend, I have to say that there isn’t very many. As far as lowest prices (along with pretty good service) go, I would definitely say is the winner there, especially when it comes to the airsoft sniper rifles. If you are looking for great prices (but possibly a bit higher than airsplat) I would go

I have done a LOT of business with pyramyair, and they have better (and faster) customer service than airsplat, and they have a better return policy too (pyramydair offers a 30 day return policy, while airsplat only offers a 3 day return policy). Last, but not least, there is They offers pretty good prices, combined with good service and fast shipping times as well. I also know a lot of people that have dealt with them and they all ended up very happy customers. Personally I like pyramydair and airsplat the best though, and I have by FAR done the most business with those 2 websites.

There are plenty more online airsoft stores out there, but I would use a good deal of caution when dealing with them. Like I stated above, there are a LOT of sites out there that offers some pretty horrible service, especially when it comes to the shipping time frame. In fact, I think the long shipping times is probably one of the most common complaints that I read about on the airsoft forums. My best advice would be to just do a little research about a particular retailer before you go ahead and give them your hard earned money!

Source by Matthew Betourney

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