Cerberus The Ultimate Airsoft Weapon

The much applauded “Cerberus” gun from the Gungrave game has for years been sought after by enthusiast everywhere in the world. Just go online and look for Gungrave gun and you should have several screens filled with data. A part of the search will probably be YouTube videos showing one Airsoft pistol that shoots pellets. It’s not surprisingly not for sale.

The name Cerberus belongs to the three-headed hound of Hades.. Cerberus was an Underworld watchdog which was flesh-eating and fierce. His task was to keep the living from entering “The Underworld” the land of the dead. Even the gods feared Cerberus. It is a proper name of the weapons that Grave carries considering that Brandon Heat was resurrected after being dead for fifteen years. One of the main features about this weapon is that it never runs out of ammo. Nevertheless I believe in Gungrave Overdose you can observe him reloading.

This weapon is of great interest to the younger airsoft enthusiasts as it is so big. Which means more deadly. Knowing that ensures that your opponent will be more terrified of you coming after them.

Now a Cerberus airsoft conversion kit was developed in Japan that used an Tokyo Marui Glock 26 blow back gas gun as the principle airsoft component for the Cerberus gun. It was a true airsoft pistol after the conversion was complete. It had been only available in Japan and never released on the market in the U.S.A.. The kit sold for approx $220 dollars. The company that created the kit now no longer makes it, sorry. Now a number of individuals have made a real bullet firing weapon such as Vash Trigun, but so far as I could find nobody has made a real Cerberus weapon.

There are a few of companies which are making theatrical props and they have created very, very good models of the gun. They don’t seem to be cheap though, they run about $250 each. And they only make them to order.

I know of a brand new comer to the marketplace that is in progress on a brand new model kit that will have the main parts in metal and some plastic cast parts. I have been told that if all goes as planned, the slide and hammer will work. No details regarding how this can be going to be accomplished. It is going to be ready to paint and maybe in the price range of $50 – $70 dollars per kit, however price may change because of material costs. Time will tell. Possible date of offering is going to be early 2012.

There’s also a paper model available online that features a moving top slide and hammer. Now I know that some might imagine a paper model is ridicules. Just in case you don’t know about paper craft models, they can be sturdy when complete. Also, they are created from card stock and not print paper. You will need a steady hand and some patients at times to build, however once your Cerberus gun is complete they are really nice for display They can be handled, but not surprisingly they are not meant to be played with as toys.

Source by Ronald L. Snyder

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