Four Things to Consider Before Buying a Very Cheap Paintball Gun

Before you rush into buying a very cheap paintball gun there are several things that you should consider. As with any major purchase, you should not buy a gun on a whim without thought. Even the cheapest guns will run over one hundred dollars. To avoid buyers remorse, consider these four things before buying an unexpensive paintball marker.

1. Why is the paintball gun very cheap? This is the first question you should ask in these situations. If you are buying from an online retailer or used paintball supply store, you are probably getting a model has been used or discontinued. This is actually a great opportunity because it means that you can get a one with great features.

However, in other situations, cheap is not good. If you have a friend or neighbor that suddenly wants to sell a brand new paintball gun at a more than reasonable price, something is wrong. Make sure the model has a transferable warranty, in case there are any problems that crop up.

2. What type of paintball gun do you want? Do your homework and make sure that you are looking at a gun that has the features and benefits you want and need. The last thing you want to do is buy a one for one hundred and fifty dollars only to discover that you absolutely hate it.

The Spyder TL-X is a great gun that is inexpensive. Another good choice is Tippmann 98 Custom Gun. Both of these guns are sturdy, and can stand up to relatively heavy use.

3. What type of paintball marker can you afford? Even the very cheap ones can run well over one to three hundred dollars. How much paintball marker can you really afford?

If you cannot get the gun that you want now, wait until you have saved the money for the one that you do want. Do not let anyone pressure you into buying early. You can always find another very another one somewhere if that one gets sold before you get the money together to buy it. Its now possible to get great used paintball guns through a variety of places, both on and off-line.

4. Do you really need the gun? If you only play once in a great while you probably do not need to buy your own paintball gun. However, if you play regularly with very competitive teams or if you play on outlawed fields where you cannot rent a paintball marker, you will definitely want to buy one. You will also want to buy your own very cheap paintball gun if what you can afford is better than what is offered for rental at the field where you most often play.

Source by Amy Wells

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