How to Choose an Airsoft Gun

In choosing an airsoft gun, things like accuracy, range, clip size, reliability, and the type of gun that it is need to be considered along with the cost of the gun. With airsoft guns, you get what you pay for and a cheaper gun will not be as good as a more expensive one. However, beyond cost, there are a few things that must be considered in choosing a good airsoft gun.

First, there is the type of gun. Spring-loaded guns are powerful and not very expensive. The problem with spring pistols and rifles is that they take much longer to re-cock than Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs) or gas blowback guns. Spring-loaded pistols and rifles can are perfectly fine for target practice or casual shooting. However, if you want to play with others, AEGs and gas guns are the way to go because of their higher firing power. Pistols are easy to carry but they don’t hold as much ammo and accuracy is not as great as rifles. There are also in-betweens, such as pistols that hold a lot of ammo and shoot very quickly or slow-firing but highly accurate rifles. All this should be chosen based on personal playing style.

This leads to the next point: the rounds per minute (rpm) that the gun can fire. The range of rpm rates that airsoft guns have goes from 100 to 6000 rounds per minute and you should pick a gun that suits your needs. A gun that fires over 1000 rounds per minute is much more likely to waste ammo and slow you down by forcing you to spend a lot of time reloading- unless you are very careful about when you fire. Another thing is that the clip sizes of pistols are much smaller so a lower rpm is fine, especially if you intend on having other, faster guns with larger clips. The clip size is important, as is the number of clips that you have for the gun because in a fast-paced game, speed is key.

The feet per second (fps) that the gun fires at is another important factor. The higher the FPS, the more powerful the gun is and more powerful guns have greater range. A lot of times, AEGs will fire at a lower fps than gas and spring-loaded guns because the motor may not be as powerful. Still, for higher prices, more powerful AEGs can be purchased to compensate for this.

Upkeep and functionality are also important. There are certain aspects to this that must be considered-for example, gas guns require extra gas cylinders which comes at an extra cost. Gas guns also don’t work as well in cold climates. AEG batteries need to be replaced before they die completely because replacing a battery during a game is completely impractical. Based on how well the gun has been made, the tendency for it to jam will be affected. This is another aspect that cost plays a role in. Finally the gun will last longer if it was built solid and was made of durable materials, which is definitely something to look for if you don’t want to have to replace your investment.

Source by Danny Woods

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