Ion Paintball Gun – Buyer’s Guide

Ion paintball gun is a gun which is designed to be used in paintball and is used to stimulate the semiautomatic whereas the paintball markers are those equipment used in this game that make use of the spreading gas. In case, you are looking to buy them, this article may be of some help as I am going to discuss some of the paintball models here. Available in a number of models and types, these guns can be found at online and on site stores. The price ranges vary according to the brands and the models.

IPG – 736

This is a model which features split receiver designs and front trigger pins and sight spring which is well secured and protected. Apart from this the model also offers a design in which the power tube is easy to remove. At the time of removing the marker, you would not fear losing the ASA bolts since there is a deep pocket made for their secure presence. To improve the performance of the marker, the latest barrel porting is designed.

IPG – 116

In this model, it is made simple to attach various sling styles. The vertical front grip is especially tailored to give stability and security.

IPG – 193

This latest designs offers a superb technology for advance users. It can also be upgraded and modified without much effort. It contains secure and large pockets for ASA bolts and picatinny rails which make it easy to add new accessories. It is deadly accurate and ultra quiet.

The above three options mentioned, can be purchased from a number of online and on site stores. These guns are cost-effective and they come with guarantee of more than one year.

Source by Donald A. Fye

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