Pepper Spray Can Be Used by Store Owners to Prevent Theft

Sohka, a donut shop owner fought back against three thugs who were trying to rob her and deprive her of her hard earned money. Instead of turning over the cash, she grabbed a can of Fox Pepper Spray she had sitting by the cash register and gave them a face full of fiery spray. The turned and ran out, and I think one of them even dropped his gun.

I have seen multiple videos of store owners who have managed to thwart a robbery with pepper spray.

Most people normally think of defense sprays as something to be carried by law enforcement officers and women. Few stop to consider the benefits it might bring to a store owner.

  1. If you have employees, especially underaged ones, keeping a lethal weapon in the store is probably not a good idea. If you do, it can become a greater liability than it is a source of protection.
  2. You can keep a can of pepper spray in the open. The donut shop owner had hers conveniently located right next to the cash register. Very few legitimate customers will feel threatened or afraid at the sight of one of these cans.
  3. Anyone can learn how to use it. No special licenses or training required. Although practicing with your can of pepper spray is a good idea, most of them are pretty straight forward point and press.
  4. It is affordable. I recommend keeping a 4 ounce can for store self defense. Most of these are under $30.
  5. It is legal in every state, although a few states have certain restriction on size or formulations.
  6. They have an identifying UV dye. Most pepper sprays contain a dye that makes it easier for the culprit to be identified even days after the incident.
  7. It is effective. Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent. It swells the mucous membranes and causes the eyes to involuntarily swell shut. It also constricts the airway, causing the target to gasp for air. Additionally, it leaves a burning sensation on the skin.
  8. It is non-lethal. When someone is threatening your life, you must do whatever you have to do to stay alive. Sometimes this means matching force with force. But if you can deter a situation by using non lethal force, it is always a better option. Although the effects of being pepper sprayed are painful and can last up to an hour, with secondary effects lasting several hours, there is no permanent damage done.

Very little in life is more frustrating than having something you have worked hard to earn just taken by someone. But this happens every day. Store owners can be easy targets because thugs and thieves know they have cash at hand.

If you are a store owner, make sure to keep a pepper spray on hand. If you have a favorite store where you are treated well, then consider giving them the gift of safety.

Source by Wendy R Megyese

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