Picking the Best Airsoft Gun

Rules of picking a new Airsoft gun.

1.Do you like to snipe people or be “In” the battle, If you like to snipe you should be in the sniper rifles section of website or store.

2. Do you like to keep spitting bb’s everywhere (fully automatic) or conserve your ammo and have accurate shots (single shot).

3. Do you like to keep changing clips or do you like a big hopper that you don’t have to worry about running out of ammo as fast.

4. How much money do you plan on spending, 20.00-50.00$for a really cheap gun that will probably last a week or 50.00-100.00$ for a “ok” pistol that will last a while or would you like to get a really nice pistol for 100.00 plus and have that gun for a couple of years, It could last a lifetime if you take good care of your guns.

5. Would you like a fully metal pistol, or a plastic gun, or would you want a plastic pistol with a fully metal gear box (gear box is for fully automatic guns only).

6. What kind of gun would fit best to your liking?.

7. Would you rather prefer A sub-machine gun, A light machine rifle, A sniper rifle, A rifle, or A mini machine gun.

8. Would you Like to buy from a store, or a website? (websites are usually cheaper that department stores, but the disadvantage of that is for some guns, not all you have to assemble yourself, it comes with instructions though).

Source by Jason Gibson Parsons

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