Pretender Stun Gun – Ultimate Disguised Self Defense

Self defense is one of biggest concerns among people across the globe. This is because no one feels safe when walking down a dark, lonely lane or in a dingy parking area at night. What is the reason? Increasing crime rates have raised concerns about security among people.

No wonder you find all sorts of self defense products available for sale these days. So which of these products should one focus on buying? Is it a stun device or others available in the market?

However, the only problem with is that these appear to be dangerous and give a sense of warning to the attacker. A self defense product should not look like one. It should come as a surprise to the attacker.

The most effective ones to buy would be disguised self defense products. It will not give attacker the time to get prepared. The pretender cell phone stun gun will be the ideal choice. The pretender cell phone stun gun will be the ideal choice. This disguised self defense product looks just like a real camera cell phone.

The pretender cell phone stun gun is easy to carry. It is handy but capable of putting out 4,500,000 volts to drop the attacker to his knees. Carry the unit with you whenever you leave your house.

Measuring 4 inches x 2 inches x 1 inch, this performance oriented stun gun operates on 3 CR2 batteries and weighs just 4 ounces.

This disguised self defense product is simply superb and a great option for women who need to stay outdoors for longer periods of time. Operating this stun gun is easy. All you do is press the button on the cell phone face. The 4,500,000 volt power will make the attacker go weak on his knees. You will get enough time to flee from the spot.

If you are looking for a self defense tool that insures the best of self protection decide on one of the disguised self defense products available on the market. The pretender stunner is the ultimate in disguised self defense.

When are you getting one?

Source by Jack Krohn

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