Scenario Paintball Gaming – As Real As It Gets

While players simulate military combat missions, scenario paintball games are generally longer and played on a much larger playing field as compared to speedball. A big factor that makes this form of paintball so attractive is the fact that the gear and guns are so similar to actual combat equipment. Much equipment, like military fatigues and gun attachments such as scopes and sights are taken from real life applications.

Before turning to a paintball outfitter to equip yourself with expensive gear, it would be wise to check out a game or two. Perhaps even find a woodsball player who wouldn’t mind your shadowing them during a game. Observing first hand how missions are carried out, what kind of gear is used and how the players interact will help you decide if you want to invest in scenario paintball.

Not all positions on the scenario paintball field may appeal to you. Keep in mind that the kind of paintball gun you use can also help dictate the specific role you play and vice-versa. Paintball markers used in scenario paintball closely resemble actual firearms such as AK47’s, sub-machine guns, M4 carbines and sniper rifles.

This can greatly add to the thrill of the game. Some scenario games simulate certain epic conflicts and famous wars such as Vietnam or Desert Storm. Many players use markers and gear designed to look exactly like those used in the actual conflicts, greatly adding to the reality of the experience.

A critical factor in woodsball is the ability to make yourself hard to spot through the practice of stealth and proper use of camouflage. In order to avoid being taken out too soon, you must blend in well with your background. It’s important to choose your attire carefully, paying attention to the environment you’ll be playing in.

Scenario play also offers interesting positions to try; different from speedball. The light rifleman is a role most like a regular army infantryman; this player uses basic tactics and a paintball marker for mostly medium- to long-range firing. These players must carry a lot of ammunition as they are relied upon to provide most of the cover fire for their teammates in more forward positions.

Another fun role to play is the medium rifleman; this player is necessary in replacing players who have been hit. The medium rifleman should be well-versed in handling any of the other roles on the field should he be called to fill in. Just as that player needs to be flexible, their gear must also be flexible enough to handle both close-range action as well as sniping. Needless to say, the medium rifleman also needs to be an excellent marksman.

In order to help their teammates advance without heavy losses, the heavy rifleman provides important cover fire to force their opponents to keep down and prevent them from returning much fire. To do this well requires the use of a large and fast paintball gun with plenty of ammunition and CO2. This player will carry the heaviest and most amount of paintball equipment.

Snipers not only provide supporting fire but also use their hidden position to eliminate key opposition players. To do this successfully, snipers require a high degree of stealth and the best camo or ghillie suit to keep them hidden from probing eyes. They also need a specialized sniper paintball gun useful for mid to long-range shots with extreme precision accuracy. This type of marker should have an 18″+ barrel topped with a long range sniper scope.

Finally and arguably the most important role in woodsball is the Field Commander who takes in the “big picture” and acts accordingly. This player needs to have the most experience and knowledge of all the roles being played in order to most effectively direct the movements of the others on his team. Although Field Commanders tend to direct matters from the backfield, they must be mobile enough to facilitate communications among all the teammates.

It’s easy to see why so many people are turning to scenario paintball. Playing is not only fun and exhilarating, but even outfitting yourself with the gear and guns you’ll need can be a fun experience. Immerse yourself in a safe but realistic combat experience with scenario paintball. For the most fun, choose the position on the field that matches your paintball gear and style of action the best.

Source by Dan Levesque

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