Steel Nitrogen Paintball Tank – Consider This Tank For Higher Firing Velocities

To make a paintball game more exciting, you need to arm yourself with the right equipment. Paintball tanks are among the essential equipment you should have when engaging in battle. In essence, these tanks store compressed air while being connected to paintball guns so paintballs can be fired at high velocities. They can either store carbon monoxide or nitrogen, with the steel nitrogen paintball tank as one of the most durable ones.

Going for steel

A steel nitrogen paintball tank is made of steel that is durable and filled with compressed nitrogen gas. Although heavier compared to aluminum and fiberglass paintball tanks, steel tanks can withstand harder blows from high-velocity paintballs without getting damaged, dented, or punctured. You can buy them in screw-in 14-ounce to 20-ounce varieties.

Steel is also beneficial in maintaining the air inside, making sure that it doesn’t seep through. Since the steel tank is sturdy and less likely to be punctured by plain impact, you can be sure that the nitrogen inside can stay intact and avoid explosions.

Nitrogen is a better choice

You actually need a steel nitrogen paintball tank so you can propel your paintballs more effectively with higher velocities in order to hit your target more accurately and quickly. However, the amount of air within the tank is the determining factor on how many shots you can fired before refilling it.

Aside from making sure that the tank is adequately sized and that it fits your gun, you need to check on the quality of the gas inside your tank. For steel tanks, nitrogen is always preferred. Nitrogen is also useful for more consistent velocity on the paintballs when firing. Compared to carbon dioxide, nitrogen can produce constant speeds since it is unaffected by differences in temperature and altitude.

Source by Ilse Hagen

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