Swarovski ATX/STX Spotting Scopes – A Review

Spotting scopes are required by people who are interested in outdoor activities, like, nature viewing, shooting and hunting. In this regard if you are looking for spotting scopes then Swarovski products are good to choose from. There are basically two ranges of Swarovski spotting scopes. Amongst these, the ATX/STX is known for its optical perfection and exceptional flexibility. Through this new range Swarovski has set new benchmark for the existing rifle scope industry. Another USP of this range is that the objective lens in the models can be altered to suit any kind of viewing situation.

Swarovski is a brand that loves to experiment. Since its inception it has introduced various kinds of technologies to better the user experience. The latest from their stable is the Swarovision that helps to recognize details during important moments. When you are using it outdoors, this will definitely prove to be of great use. For people who love being outdoors, always require scopes that are compact and light in weight. Whether you are away on trekking or bird watching, your scopes must be easy to carry. In this regard, the ATX/STX models are perfect. They offer a 65mm objective module that is blended with an angled view. this feature helps in observing for a long time with incredible optical performance.

Another feature of this range of Swarovski HD spotting scopes is the clarity. The glass used in these products are known to produce razor sharp images without any need for continuous refocusing. You would not miss out any detail while viewing. This technology is exceptionally suitable for bird watchers. These products are referred to as the HD scopes as they are available with extremely innovative optical design that is combined with fluoride containing HD lenses for minimizing interfering color fringing. This ensures proper resolution, color combination and contrast for the pictures. These spotting scopes from Swarovski offer a high zoom as well so that nothing can escape your lenses. The wider field of view, too, takes care of the same factor. Optimum magnification and detail recognition are the benefits that are offered by Swarovski ATX/STX models.

One of the most convenient features of ATX/STX range is its compactness. The zoom ring is positioned directly behind the focusing ring. Thus, it makes the scope easier to handle. Given the modular design of the models, it will enable you to store the eyepiece and objective modules separately. The smaller dimension of the models also mean that individual modules can be stored in your luggage.

Thus, if you are looking for a compact scope with HD effect, then Swarovski spotting scopes should be the right choice for you.

Source by Issac Reynolds

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