The Best Wii Remote Accessories to Buy

Nintendo Wii has become a huge success with regards to being one of the top video game systems ever. It has exceeded sales expectations, and continues to be almost impossible to find almost 2 years later after the launch.

Like with any gaming system, there have been a tons of accessories that have come out. The Wii Fit has been a popular Wii accessory. But, there are many other types of Wii accessories as well. Everything from guns, to lightsabres, to wheels, to chargers, to boxing gloves, etc.

I will tell you about the top 3 accessories to buy for the Nintendo Wii:

1. Wii Racing Wheel – There are many fun driving games for the Wii. Hot Wheels Racing, Indy 500, Excite Truck, and of course, the most popular, Mario Kart Wii. Even though the Wii remote does a great job acting like a steering wheel, having an actual casing for the Wii remote that is the shape of the wheel makes playing the game even more realistic.

2. Wii Remote Charger – Playing the Wii a lot, you can go through batteries like crazy! It’d be wise to invest in a remote charger, in order to you allow you to continue to play as often as you like, without having to worry about having to run to the store to buy batteries.

3. Wii Gun – Remember playing Duck Hunt on the original Nintendo with the Lightzapper gun? (Were you one of the ones who stood with the gun touching the screen?) Well, using the Wii remote, you can aim at the screen, and shoot the enemies just like back in the day. They sell little gun accessories for the Wii, which you can easily plug your remote into, and it allows you to fell like you are holding the gun, to add to the realism for all of the shoot-em-up games they have for the Nintendo Wii.

If you or your child has a Nintendo Wii, then I would definitely consider purchasing these 3 accessories, in order to make your Nintendo Wii playing experience even better.

Source by Joshua Casey

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