What Is A Sentry Safe?

The word sentry denotes the safety of something or someone with a sentry on duty. In this case a sentry safe has been a trusted safekeeper for more than seventy years. Other safes include the fireproof safe as well as offers, offices, fingerprint, wall, gun and depository safes.

There are a variety of types of safes such as: the combination; the electronic; and the biometric safe. When you take the time to compare prices you will be able to weigh in and find lowest prices of all retailers on every sentry safe.

If you are looking to keep your valuables secure from fire as well as theft, and you want the traditional type of locking mechanism which is nonbiometric, and then you can go online where you can find the largest selection at very competitive prices. These safes will help you to keep your valuables, your documents and firearms secure. Top brand safes which includes Sentry, Honeywell, Protex, Tychi Systems, Secure Logic and many more.

Safes can help you to protect your firearms in style. One is a fourteen capacity gun safe with an electronic lock. In order to make it more secure it has hinges that are hidden to make it more resistant to theft. It has three steel live locking bolts and three deadbolts. And it is protected against drilling with a hard steel plate.

This gun safe has a shelf that is fixed in order to allow you perfect organization of your ammunition, accessories and your cleaning supplies. This sentry gun safe is a perfect example of having a place for everything and everything in its place.

In addition, the interior of this safe is carpeted to protect your firearms and your collectibles from scratches or any other damages that may otherwise occur. Perhaps the best feature of all is the fact that this safe has all of the hardware needed if you choose to bolt the safe to the floor.

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