Why Should You Get a Federal Firearms License?

Have you thought about the fact that you could turn a hobby, that may have been passed down from your father or grandfather, into a profitable part-time or full-time career? Many people are actually self-taught “gun experts” because of their interest in firearms and the knowledge they have gathered over the years. You probably know somebody – or perhaps you are that person – that everyone goes to when he has questions about a particular gun or firearm or even about a current gun law. Most gun dealers or gun shop owners today were once only gun hobbyists.

Hunters or gun collectors want someone to go when they have a question about a firearm, when they are looking for a gun to do a particular job, when they need a small repair on their favorite hunting weapon, or when they are ready to purchase a new firearm that they have been reading about. There aren’t many communities that have gun shops.

If guns are something that have always interested you, then you could become that resource for your community, family, and friends. You probably already share much of what your know about guns with your friends who ask you, but you don’t have the license to purchase the guns wholesale that they are looking to buy. What you lack may simply be your Federal Firearms License. With this license, you can purchase guns and other firearm equipment from a wholesale dealer and then re-sell those items for retail profit. You can be the resource that your family and friends need for their hunting and firearms needs.

Source by Randy Ramsey

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