You Hunt Like A Girl

My wife doesn’t hunt. She enjoys going to the range with me and doing some plinking with the 22 every now and then, but she never really picked up the fever of the hunt. So, I was surprised the day my daughter asked me if she could go out with me and my son one day.

You don’t typically associate hunting with women. But women hunters have been around since the beginning. Today they are more common than most people realize. They have their own websites and TV shows. They write articles for major magazines on hunting and even have their own TV shows. The most famous of course being Cindy Garrison.

Now when my daughter asked me if she could go hunting with me, my first reaction was “Excellent”. Then I started to wonder about things like a rifle, a shotgun, clothing…..What would I need to do differently with her than when I started out with my son.

She is much smaller than my son. She is not as strong as my son. Will I be able to find what she needs to be able to hunt with us? Well the first thing I did was talk to my hunting friends about it. Their first reaction was a question. They wanted to know if that meant she was coming to deer camp this season. I obviously knew what was meant by that question. Our camp is like most others and what happens at deer camp, stays at deer camp. Nobody wanted to change their habits of speech or topics because she was around.

After I assured them that she would not be joining our annual get together they decided it was an excellent idea. They however didn’t have any ideas to help me out because those of them that do have kids all have boys. So, they said just handle her like I did my son when he started to hunt. hmmmmm not a good idea.

My next step was to look out into the internet to find some information. I was very pleased to find that there was a lot of information and equipment designed just for women. From Clothing to rifles, there was a lot of stuff that would make getting her ready very easy.

Last year was the first year she went out. I took her to a stand I had set up overlooking a winter wheat field. We arrived a little late in the morning. I had some problems convincing her that smelling like skunk urine was a good thing. She was sitting not more than an hour on a Buddy Stand that I had put up the month prior when a nice doe walked out. She had her new .223 that I had purchased for her at So she took careful aim just like she learned at the range and harvested her first deer.

I don’t know who had more fun on that trip, her or me. Watching her walk up to her first deer was more of a thrill for me than getting one of my own. When my son got his first deer a few years back it was exciting as well, but with my daughter it created a special bond between her and me that we never had besides the daddy/daughter one.

Due to her obligations this year at school we haven’t been able to go out together yet. But we will definitely be there on December 22nd and 23rd which is this years special antlerless weekend. I already have a stand set up for us in a place that will get her another one. I am looking forward to that weekend more that I was opening day.

So, when your daughter asks you if she can go hunting with you next time, don’t shy away from it and make excuses. Instead you should grab the camera and get ready for some of the best memories of your life.

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Source by Robert Buchholz

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