Call Of The Wild – Hunters Gloves For Shooters And Archers

Every hunting season is like a gulp of freshly brewed alpine air. The weather has turned. Crops have been brought in. Occasional light snow in the higher elevations. Your hunting gear has been checked over, carry bags checked for seams and zippers, rifle barrels cleaned oiled and safety checked, rifle scope checked for true-sighting.

Don’t forget your hands. Warmth and weather protection, especially when you might be stationary before dawn break and in just-above-freezing temperatures, means getting the right hunters glove to suit your hand dimensions as well as hunting conditions. Fortunately, materials technologies continue to “push the envelope”, as lighter stronger all-season sure-grip materials move into the hunter glove accessories segment.

Getting Warmth And Dexterity – Synthetic Materials.

Hunter gloves owe a tribute to kayak paddlers’ gear and expedition backpackers, with the advent of highly flexible low-profile neoprene. You’ll get a sure grip, with the tacky synthetic leather palms. And, critically, you’ll get the flex and bend that the 4-way stretching 2mm neoprene gives. Yes, neoprene permits some moisture to move onto your hands, but the volume is negligible and the water quickly heats up to body temperatures.

Tear Resistance.

If you think you’ll be off trail, bushwhacking through brush and thorns, or field dressing a buck or elk or ducks, then you’ll be using a hunting knife and will want some protection from cuts and tears. Tougher nylon grade hunting gloves or even ones using Kevlar palms and fingers give the ultimate hand protection.

Non Slip “Tacky” Grip.

In the pre-season, target shooting and “keeping your eye” generally means club shooting outings, in controlled conditions and fair weather. For these practice shoots, look into marksmen leather gloves. These will be low profile thin cabretta leather or equivalent, unlined, with elasticized wrist closures, and palms and fingers “treated” in order to give you a sure-grip and “touch” on the trigger or bow.

System Gloves – 2-In-1 Hunter Gloves.

Whether you’re an archer or using a rifle, you’ll always find that a system glove, featuring an outer shell and inner thin insulating gloves with sure-grip palm covering, offer the most bang for the buck. Every hunter knows that temperatures and weather conditions bounce crazily from cold to hot and from wet to dry, all in the same day. “Layering” your hunter gloves gives you the most protection and flex-use options to match your needs in changing field conditions.

Who Are The Major Brands?

Look out for the quality specialist hunter glove brands, including ArcticShield, Damascus, Sherwood Bug and others. You can get sport-specific hunters gloves or even look to “cross over” into the many glove offerings for orienteering, skiing and snow shoeing.

Source by Robin J. Derry

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