Homemade Paintball Gun Silencer

Here are some detailed tips on how you can create your own homemade paintball gun silencer. This is pretty effective in absorbing most of the sound that is created when the paintball gun is fired.

Go Sniper with the homemade paintball gun silencer

There have been many who have missed their targets due to the pop that happens when a paintball gun fires. Well, you can actually compress the pop with the help of a homemade paintball gun silencer. It’s reasonably easy to make a paintball gun silencer. It’s the burst of gas that propels the paintball towards the target. The silencer needs to absorb the gas to reduce the audible sound that comes out of the barrel. It will not completely silence your paintball gun, but the sound will be muffled to a great extent. In order to make your own homemade paintball gun silencer, the first thing that you would need is a dremel multipro. This is a rotary tool that comes in various models. Multipro has an added advantage of variable speeds.

The next part of your apparatus is a PVC pipe. Get one with a 40 schedule. The schedule is what determines the effective pressure rating of the pipe. You would mostly need one or two feet of a PVC pipe. You also need an ABS pipe. Remember the pipes you used while installing your sewage lines? Yes, these are ABS pipes. ABS can also be called as a lighter version of the PVC pipe. Then you need foam padding to actually absorb the sound. You can get thicker varieties of foam padding and the density is the determining factor over here. The last thing is a screen mesh which will prevent the packing from bulging into the main parts of the gun.

You need to create an inner core having a diameter equal to that of the outer diameter of the barrel. Now you need to select a PVC pipe that fits accurately over the barrel of the gun. If the PVC pipe is too big, then you can make it a proper fit by sanding away the excess PVC. You can use the dremel to achieve the desired fit. Melting the PVC might not be such a good idea after all as it may result in a crooked pipe.

Now comes the most important part of creating the holes in the core. The best thing to do would be to draw six lines along the entire circumference of the core and then create every other row of holes. The ideal distance between the holes would be once inch. In order to create the holes you an use a small drill bit and then use a hand drill. The combination of the two is ideal to create the proper holes in the core. Round holes are fine and it is advisable to stick to them, rather than going fancy and experimenting with the shapes.

Now you create the outer casting with the ABS pipe. Calculate the length of the pipe you need and then carve out the end caps. Once you achieve this, then thoroughly sand out the entire casing. Now you need to test your homemade paintball gun silencer to ensure that it works fine, enjoy!

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