How to Make My Airsoft Gun More Accurate – Four Tips For a More Accurate Better Shooting Airsoft Gun

When it comes to airsoft guns the most popular question next to the popular making your gun shoot shoot faster is how to make my airsoft gun more accurate! Below you will find a few tips to help you out in your quest for AEG accuracy!

Clean Your Barrel– The barrel of your air soft gun can collect a lot of dirt. This dirt will coat the barrel and leave a residue that can effect the flight properties of your BB’s making them erratic. To remedy this use the cleaning rod that came with your gun and some airsoft safe silicon oil on a small piece of rag and run it up and down the barrel, repeat till clean! Follow up with a dry wipe to remove excess oil from your barrel.

Use Heavier BB’S– If your gun shoots upwards of 400 FPS with.2 gram BB’s you may want to upgrade to.23 or.25 BB’s. The heavier weight will slow down the FPS your airsoft guns shoots but will give you a more stable flight pattern. The heavier ammo is also affected less by wind then the lighter ammo is making your shots more on target.

Add a Tight Bore Barrel– A lot of the airsoft guns that are for sale right now do not have tight bore barrels, this leads to erratic BB flight patterns. To eliminate this erratic flight pattern from your shots you can add a tight bore barrel to your gun. A tight bore barrel is a one that has a diameter only slightly bigger then the BB it fires. The tight bore barrel will reduce BB bounce in the barrel which in turn leads to a more accurate shot! The tighter the bore the more accurate the shot! There brands and sizes that are many available. To pick the right one for your set up it is best to talk with your retailer.

Buy a Better Gun– The harsh truth is that there are some guns that shoot poorly and are not worth upgrading and you would be better off with a new gun. There are many airsoft guns on the market right now under $200 that are very accurate and shoot well over 350 FPS. One of these is the G&G combat machine series of air soft guns, so before you spend money on upgrades you may want to talk with your retailer about some of the newer guns on the market.

Source by Daryle A. Sewell

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