Ice Bullet Gun Ship Blimps Considered

Is it possible to make bullets out of ice that will not melt when fired from a high-velocity gun? Sure it is possible especially if they are coated with something to hold them together for their brief flight towards their target. Can we shoot ice cube bullets in high-speed rapid-fire weapons too?

Sure this is possible as long as they are identical and the gun muzzle does not heat up too much. Some get so hot that they melt when firing 1000’s of rounds per minute. But again with a coating of sorts and dry ice bullets this should be possible. Could we put ice bullets in a C-130 Gunship and rapid fire them down on the enemy like a multi-round lightning storm from hell?

Perhaps, it seems this would be possible and rather nice too as you do not have to worry about carrying the weight if you have giant ice machines making the bullets in flight like an ice maker. Meaning less weight is more range and unending supply of ammo, as you make it as you fly. Well then what if we had unmanned aerial blimps, which doubled as a GunShip or a Blimp GunShip? Is that possible?

Indeed we could do that however remember blimps have a limited carrying capacity, nevertheless if we made the bullets in flight and the weapon firing system did not weigh that much, it might be a way to patrol an area from the air and eliminate ground targets which are sighted via infrared at night or video feed during the day. So perhaps we might consider this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow

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