M16A3 Airsoft Gun Info

The M16A3 airsoft gun is a precise duplication of the popular assault rifle that is currently used in the US Marines. It generally comes with a full stash and normally would not require any big battery packs to work. The charging handle in an m16 airsoft gun provides it with a realistic action that most highly-priced guns such as the CA are not capable of.

The m16 airsoft guns are entirely upgradeable and are very compatible with almost any airsoft internal and external parts that are available in the market. These types of air soft guns include a metal magazine and can also be matched with any brand of either standard or high capacity market gun magazines. The M16A3 air soft gun is a must-have for anyone who is searching for the best priced beginner’s armor.

Its main body is literally made of plastic and its stock practically removable. The M16A3 airsoft gun is ideal for rapid fire cocking aimed from the hip and its barrel can extend several distances from the hand guard. The M16A3 airsoft gun’s magazines are of 18 BBs. Its clip is generally filled from a compartment that can hold 300 to 500 BBs. The magazine is very durable as it is basically made from metal.

The M16A3 airsoft gun has a LED illuminator that can be very useful from a distance of up to 6 feet. Its LED flashlight is very helpful, particularly in lowlight settings, as it is capable of increasing the visibility of the holder’s view and effectively blinds and distracts opponents. The M16A3 airsoft gun has a hole in its carrying handle which enables the user to mount a red dot scope.

The basic operation of an M16A3 airsoft gun involves pulling back its cock lever located just right behind the grip or carrying handle. Despite the fact that this gun has a fire selector that is equipped with semi and fully automated selections, the lever still has to be pulled back. It is equipped with two types of sights-the lower and the higher sight. You can use the higher sight for distant shots and the lower one for closer aims. Although the M16A3 airsoft gun lacks the certain hop up, this gun still fires quite far. Its longest shot can reach about 30 to 40 feet.

The M16A3 airsoft gun is quite good for combating and will definitely outwit most traditional spring pistols when it comes to range and accuracy of fires.

Source by Robert S. Caby

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