Pepper Spray or Stun Gun?

Let’s talk about a few self-defense mechanisms that can be used to protect yourself if you are being attacked. Especially for the ladies now I myself being a woman and also having endured the painful experience of being sprayed in the face with pepper spray (training purpose) I must say the stuff really works and I personally would use it on an attacker if needed. But there are other devices such as the stun gun on the market that can be just as effective to protect yourself so let’s talk facts.

Pepper Spray:

Pepper spray is a non-lethal self-defense item that is extremely effective. Pepper spray will temporarily blind a person when properly sprayed in the facial area and eyes. If properly T- Zoned with pepper spray, an attacker will not be able to open their eyes for 10-15 minutes up to an hour which will give you the time needed to get away and call for help.

Pepper spray is also known as O.C. spray or OC (for oleoresin capsicum (CS), the active ingredient in cayenne pepper). Pepper spray comes in all shapes and sizes from small discreet spray bottles that you can hold in your hand to medium to larger bottles. Also they are made to look like many other things like cell phone, rings etc. Things you have to consider when using pepper spray. NOT to spray yourself in the face on accident (ouch!) Manufactures are trying to combat this problem by coming out with a gel version so there is no blow back if it happens to be windy out when you need to use your pepper spray. Another thing to consider is the cans are like any other aerosols after a while the pressure will die out and you will have to replace your pepper spray every year or whenever the manufacture suggests.

Stun Guns:

The stun gun also known as Taser guns, are battery operated (rechargeable) and can administer an electrical shock between 20,000 to 600,000-volt that interrupts the tiny neurological impulses that control muscle movement disabling a person giving the victim plenty of time to get away and call for help. Research shows Stun guns will not permanently injure or kill a person because of the voltage. One amp will kill a person. Most stun guns deliver only 3 milliamps that can disable a person for approximately 20 minutes or more depending on the strength of the stun gun. The rating on stun guns are below the amperage that can do any permanent damage to a person, but with that said the safety of the weapon also depends on the health of the individual who is shot.

Stun Guns come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the designs are smaller meant for small hands, some are the compressed air type which shot out two wire feed darts that have a distance of 20ft or more, and some are made to look like cell phones, pens, batons, flash lights etc. When making your choice you have to take in consideration if your state allows either devices. And what is going to work best for you and your life style.

Source by Alison Donaldson

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