Tattoo Transfer Paper

Tattoo transfer paper is a great tool for any style of tattooing. It can be used to create temporary tattoos or to provide a guide for permanent tattooing. The wide range of tattoo possibilities is based often on tattoo transfer paper. Read on to find out more about the paper, and where it can be purchased.

Tattoo transfer paper is often used in temporary tattooing. It has had to evolve to become the good quality tattoo device we know today, though. The original temporary tattoo was just an ink transfer that came off with water, but today’s temporary tattoos use vegetable dyes and a layer of glue similar to what is found in a band-aid. These tattoos can look extremely realistic and can last up to 3 weeks, but can also be removed with oil or an oil-based cream quite easily.

Using tattoo transfer paper in temporary tattooing is a great idea for many reasons. First, it is a great option for those who want a tattoo, but would like to try out a particular design beforehand. In addition, you can design your own temporary tattoos using this paper. Many companies sell it to use in computer printers. This is a great way to express yourself with your own body art.

Additionally, many permanent tattoo artists use tattoo transfer paper. Sometimes they use it as a guide for a tattoo. Other times they provide the option to their customers of trying out a tattoo before they take the plunge and make it permanent. Tattoo transfer paper is widely available. You many choose to purchase the paper with designs already on it, or blank for your own designs. Try paper companies such as for the computer printer variety. In addition, you can find many styles of the ready-to-use temporary tattoo designs on sites such as Ebay.

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