The Birth Of Power Tools

Power tools were first designed in 1895 in Germany. The first power drill was operated by a motor along with the weight of the person operating it. A company called Black and Decker came a few years after, in 1917, with their version which was modelled after the Colt 45. Since the creation of this original equipment, engineering and technology has progressed and we are now able to buy and use power tools which make it easier to perform virtually all tasks whether it be a home based do-it-yourself project or a work related job.

Even though there are numerous unique and specialised tools, the basic tools such as drills, hammers, and saws are what can be found in most people’s tool boxes. As engineering has advanced, these staples still have there place, but are now operated with pressurized air, oil, and electricity. The most common equipment is operated by light and portable batteries, such as reciprocating saws, drill drivers, and circular saws, making a much easier job of manual work. Some of the heavier tools, like chain saws, run on gas, and are therefore much more highly effective and suitable for bigger work.

Using power tools is important for many household tasks, creating a simpler and much quicker job than using hand operated manual equipment. Even though the hand tools will always have a permanent place in your collection of tools, power equipment certainly will make most tasks simpler. For a big house project which needs a lot of sawing, and nails to be hammered, using a power nail gun and a circular saw will save hours as well as save your body some unwanted stress. The jigsaw is used for cutting complex figures and designs, and makes lighter work than using the basic hand saw, along with better accuracy. Using wireless equipment is better if you are working away from a practical source of energy, as they eliminate the need for long cables and wires which could be a danger. Cordless models are more light weight and portable, making them much simpler to operate over a longer period of time.

When buying the equipment that you need it can get expensive, and it may be beneficial to purchase tools that can be used for multiple purposes. Buying your equipment from a reliable shop with a good reputation is important to be sure that you receive the best quality tools at the most modest prices.

Protective gear is also recommended to prevent accidents. Safety glasses should always be worn when operating any power tools to keep your eyes safe from flying debris. Heavy duty clothing and gloves are also highly recommended.

Pro contractors can benefit significantly from using power equipment, because the amount of effort and time needed to perform almost any task is significantly reduced. Their clients will appreciate the perfection which is obtained with the use of the equipment as well as the expert completion of all projects. As clients expect the job to be completed in the shortest time possible, using power tools will allow you to operate quickly, without expensive errors or mistakes.

Power tools have been significantly enhanced since the first ones back in 1895, necessitating way less time and effort to use. Whether it be a reciprocating saw, drill driver, or pneumatic nail gun, technology has progressed to offer a wide variety of powered equipment, cordless or corded, to create simpler and less effort intensive work for everyone.

Source by Anthony Matthews

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