A 200K Volt Stun Gun & Flashlight Gets You Home Safely

Walking to your car at night in a dimly lit parking garage, or anywhere else for that matter, can be a frightening experience for anyone, male or female. A dark corner, the echo of footsteps following too closely behind, a stranger sharing the elevator with you; no one wants to be the victim of an assault. And if you have the 200K Volt Mini Stun Gun Flashlight in your hand, chances are you will always feel safe and secure.

The 200K Volt Stun Flashlight’s high output LED bulb lights your way through even the darkest areas while also giving you the protection and providing you with 200,000 volts of stun power.

Just touch the activation button and press the protruding electrode tips against any part of your attacker’s body and even the biggest assailant will hit the ground like a felled tree.

And even though you’re unleashing 200,000 volts, the automatic timed-pulse technology protects the suspect from receiving a life-threatening jolt. So even though it’s effective, the 200K Volt Stun Gun/Flashlight is non-lethal and humane.

And because the flashlight is made from high quality ABS engineered plastic, it will stand up to normal wear and tear, without breaking or falling apart.

The stun gun and flashlight combination self-protection tool also comes with a built-in rapid charge. The charging time for this device is approximately 4 hours.

Other electronic self-protection stun guns are expensive, bulky, and often far too complicated to safely use, especially when you’re under attack. That is not the case with the 200K Volt Stun Gun/Flashlight. With a press of a button, you can light your way home while staying safe.

Source by Gary Beatty

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