Archery Hunting Tips

Trophy Deer Hunting Using Archery

The activity and strategies of deer hunting have evolved over the years. Although archery is an ancient technique dating back to thousands of years, rapid strides in science and technology have made available some sophisticated archery hunting equipment that can greatly enhance your chances of catching that prized trophy deer. Modern equipment includes the compound and recurve bows. Old traditional equipment such as the longbow is still a favorite among traditional enthusiasts when permitted. Even disabled persons who are unable to draw bows have taken up the sport with the option of using crossbows. Some states such as Kansas and Minnesota allow the use of crossbows for everyone during firearm season. Alabama and Tennessee allow the use of cross bows for everyone. Most crossbows and bows offer accurate and effective ranges of 30-40 yards or more.

Archery has a distinct advantage over rifles and guns as archery season usually opens a few weeks or even months before a locality’s official gun season, and generally lasts for a certain period after the rifle season has ended. So, you can enjoy your gaming luck for a longer time span and enhance your chances of harvesting the trophy deer.

While you consider archery an option for gaming, you must remember that it requires a lot of practice. Only practice will help your back muscles to get in shape so that you can hold the bow at full stretch for up to a minute’s time.

While buying a bow, consider one with longer draw length as it will be able to cast arrows faster than a shorter draw length bow. You must also follow the manufacturer’s graphs and charts while selecting the right arrow for the bow type that you will be using.

It would be a good move to make an archery equipment tackle box to keep all miscellaneous supplies related to archery hunting.

While buying archery equipment, you should try to match all your gear and buy from the same brand as far as possible for greater compatibility among equipments. Always use quality arm rests on the hunting bows for greater comfort. It is also a good idea to have a peep installed on your bowstring, which should be at the eye level to help give your distant aiming some point preference.

If money is not an issue, there are some very good hunting stabilizers and vibration dampening aids in the market that will help keep your equipment steady while you are hunting. Bow wrist slings are also good for shooting accuracy.

Take good care of your archery equipment by waxing your bowstrings frequently. This prevents the arrows from fraying and helps them last longer.

Before going on your hunting expedition, practice with good quality archery targets to get accustomed to shooting in hunting environments. While hunting, you must camouflage yourself so that you blend in with the stand sites and hunting terrain, and the animals will not be able to detect you.

Don’t forget to use the safety harnesses correctly and follow the manufacturer’s directions for proper use.

The thrill of drawing your bow, releasing the arrow, watching it as it flies through the air and pierces the deer is an unmatched excitement, which is guaranteed to get you addicted. Good luck in your quest of the trophy deer and stay safe!

Source by Troy Edwards

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