Check Out Latest Sony VAIO VPCEB490X Review

Normally people want to have long battery timings, light weight and durability in their laptops. People from all ages use notebooks all over the world. Most of the notebooks are not designed according to different age groups and most of them are very similar to each other unlike Sony VAIO VPCEB490X. If you are a student and want a notebook with your favorite color lid then this machine can be the best option. Moreover it offers you specifications of any professional notebook in extremely low price. It comes in various colors and you can match them with your outfit as well.

Sony VAIO VPCEB490X is equally famous in young girls and boys, it is available in bright colors as Hibiscus pink, passion purple; these colors are most famous among girls and gun metal black and Coconut White can be a teenager boy’s first choice for the notebook. Sony VAIO notebooks are also very famous due to the artistic VAIO writing on the lid. These laptops are efficient with processing, storage and in memory capacity. Sony VAIO has brought performance entertainment and multimedia together in EB series.

Taking about the specifications for this machine; well, it is amazingly loaded with the latest technologies and it also facilitates the user to configure the machine online according to his need. It comes with Intel Core i3 processor with a speed of 2.53 GHz and supports turbo boost technology as well. The storage space is also amazing as with the basic configuration, you will be having 320 GB with an option of further upgrade. Physical memory plays an important role in smooth processing as every program gets loaded in the memory. This notebook comes with 4 GB memory, which means that you are playing songs and doing some research work over the internet where you are collecting the information through different browsers; and have multiple applications running at the same time. Sony VAIO VPCEB490X will be running smoothly as it has been designed to meet such requirements.

When buying Sony VAIO VPCEB490X with the base configuration you will have 15.5″ Display and Intel Media Accelerator HD with Intel wireless display technology. This display card is good for watching movies and playing games; however, if you are into online 3d games then you can add a graphic card with 1 GB memory. The price for this notebook with the base configuration is $699.99 which is not much for a notebook with all these configurations. You can get a discounted price by buying it with promotional coupons and vouchers, these coupons work in computer shops as well as online stores.

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