Compact Dynamo in a Pager Size Stun Gun – The Runt 350,000 Volts

Stun guns nowadays come in all sizes and shapes. The choices are almost endless. But, in terms of reliability, affordability, and practicality, nothing beats The Runt 350,000 Volts. Its image can be seen at Striker701 Group at any search engine.

I sell self-defense devices since personal weaponry is one of my hobbies. One of the best sellers in the stun gun category is The Runt since it works every time. There has never been a malfunction in any one of these since I started offering them to the public several years ago. Other brands did not work out of the box or have quit working after some time.

At a price of about $40, The Runt is truly affordable. Three CR-123A lithium batteries, which power the unit and known for their long shelf life and dependability, are also included in the package. Other well known brands, especially the ones in infomercials, carry a price tag 3 to 5 times as much, which is utterly outrageous!

The Runt measures about 3.5 x 2 x ¾ inches, making it appear as small as a pager and perfect for concealment. You can even hide it inside your hand. It also comes with a rugged nylon belt loop holster for those of you who like to carry it on your belt for instant access.

The Runt is encased in tough black plastic and has a safety ON/OFF slide switch and an activation button on its side. A tiny red LED (light emitting diode) lights up when the slide switch is turned on. It makes a loud crackling noise when it is activated so much so that dogs are spooked by it since they have a heightened sense of hearing within a broader band of frequencies as compared to humans. Moreover, it emits a highly visible spark between the 2 electrodes. A combination of loud electrical crackle and a bright spark might be enough deterrent to stop a perpetrator from attacking you. This is certainly the case in preventing canine attacks.

The Runt generates about 350,000 volts, which is certainly sufficient to incapacitate any criminal. Legally sold stun guns have a certain power output. In basic electronics, power in watts equals voltage times current in amps. So, to render a stun gun safe to use, the current is measured in milliamps, a minuscule amount. So, when you hear of stun guns generating as much as 1 or 2 million volts, it is just an advertising gimmick. The amperage have to be even less to match that certain power output. In summary, most stun guns have the same effect no matter what voltages they claim to have. The only difference is the higher price you are paying for higher voltages.

Stun guns, such as The Runt, are safe self-defense devices to use against an attacker. They are electrical contact weapons; therefore, know their limitations and capabilities so you can best use them in dire situations.

Source by Carlton Straeker

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