Create Your Own "I Love NY" T-Shirts

There are many ways one can create their own I love NY t-shirts. You can do it to show your creativity. Although making your own shirts are always time consuming, you get to show people your work and patriotism. Be sure to buy many plain white t-shirts along the way as you experiment.

3 Ways to create your own I love NY t shirts

1. Iron on Transfers

2. Markers

3. Spray Paint

The first way you can create your own unique design is by using “iron on transfers”. You can transfer graphic images from the computer to the t-shirt by having this special paper. Once you printed this image using “iron on transfers” you can use an iron to transfer the image to the shirt. Try not to wash it too often because it is not built to last from washing.

Next you can use markers to draw and customize your t-shirt with the message “I Love NY”. The colors of your markers can show your inner self. You can obtain some amazing results when you show your artistic side on your drawings. There are many different things you can draw to make your shirt look nice from the U.S. Flag to NYC itself.

The last way to create your own t-shirts is to use spray paints. They are indeed popular for customizing t-shirts and will be a great way to make your “I Love NY” message stand out. Get a stencil and create the message first. Then use a dark color spray paint and spray it on the stencil that is placed on the t-shirt. You will then have your customize t-shirt ready to be worn.

Here are 3 ways which you can create your own I love NY t shirts Choose your pick and spend the time necessary to create it to make your shirt look good. Go shop for the appropriate tools in order to make your own customized t-shirts.

Source by Tony D Andrews

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