How to Make a Turkey Call – The Wishbone and Slate Turkey Calls

Hunting for turkeys is a fulfilling past time. Although people assume that hunting basically requires the person to have a knack for carrying guns and animals, ingenuity is also important. Why? Well, hunting turkeys are a little complicated than expected. For one, hunters should use this type of calls and be able to learn how to make a turkey call.

What is a turkey call in the first place? For beginners, in a nutshell are items that produce certain sounds that are very helpful in luring and attracting turkeys for hunting. There are basically two types: friction calls and mouth calls. As their name suggests, the former produce sound by rubbing two surfaces together, and the latter are primarily produced through the air that is inhaled and exhaled.

Learning how to make a turkey call is fairly easy-as long as the willingness to learn exists, of course. One of the many types you can craft on your own is the wingbone call. This type of call has been part of the turkey hunting tradition for a long time, dating back to the time of the North American Indians. Traditionally, this is made from the wing of a wild hen but these days, not all wingbone calls still abide by this. To use this type of call, one must suck air through the wingbone with his lips puckered. This is not an easy call to use, but hunters will find this type to be of great value.

Next in this piece about learning how to make a turkey call is the slate turkey call. Compared to the wingbone type of call, the slate is simpler and easier to use. It’s also very easy to make, only needing less than an hour of your time. The materials to build this type of call include a piece of slate, a saw, and sandpaper-items that you can easily get from a nearby store.

These days, learning how to make to a turkey call seems to be a necessity if you’re a full-fledged turkey hunter. While there are turkey calls that can be readily purchased from shops and stores today, making your own call will definitely help any hunter save money. Apart from that, those who build their own calls will be able to tweak and adjust their turkey to fit their taste and needs.

Source by Bill M Murphy

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