How to Make Your Own Tea Light Candles

A great idea for a gift or party favor is the highly effective and functional tea light candle. They are cute, handy, and great for all homes whether in the kitchen, the bathroom, or any room in the house for that matter. Not only are these a good gift idea, but they are also a good craft project for people of all ages as well as a practical item for daily home use and decorating.

Tea light candles are great for any home, especially for those homes where people love to cook. Lighting up a tea light candle is a great way to dissipate those harsh vapors that can cause people to tear up when slicing onions. They are also great to deodorize the home from the odors of fish, oil, and other cooking ingredients.

Tea lights bought from the shop are not that expensive. However, you can still get them cheaper by making them yourself, which is a good idea if you need to get them in bulk for party favors or other occasions. Additionally, by making them yourself, you can also customize them with your own colors and scents. These candles are very easy to make and it only takes a little bit of knowledge, imagination, creativity and patience to make them. But before doing that, make sure you are prepared.

The first thing to do is to bring all the necessary equipment into one area. Then get all the usual materials for the candle making. Get the plastic or aluminum tea light cups. All these can be bought at any grocer or craft store in the area. If not, then they are available online as well. There are some candle making kits available which will be cheaper to buy and easier to mix together.

There are also some essential oils which can be mixed into the melted wax to make it scented. Add some crayon chips to change the color. Try to color coordinate the scent with the color: yellow for lemon scent, orange for orange scent, and so on and so forth. Use the imagination!

The tea light cups can be pre-wicked or pre-tabbed, or the wicks can be placed in the cups manually. Secure the wicks with a hot glue gun prevent it from moving around when the wax is poured. Make sure to place the cups on a level surface before pouring. Use protective gloves when doing this and to use an apron. Carefully pour the wax into the cups and let cool.

After they have cooled, they are ready for home use, or you can make these into little gifts or party favors. Set them aside or place them in a nice box or bag. The box can be personalized or customized with the name of the gift recipient or guest of honor. Add some ribbons to tie around the tea light cups for added decoration. Embellish the box with ribbons or a cute butterfly on top of the box. You can actually decorate the item with any charm or trinket that suits the occasion or party theme. Hand out the tea lights to your guests. They will be sure to love your simple homemade gift.

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