Must-Have Toy Story Halloween Costumes For Children

Toy Story was one of the Pixar’s masterpieces along with “Finding Nemo” and “Monsters Inc”. Among several movies being launched on the silver screen, this is no doubt the best children’s movie of all time. From movies and story books, Toy Story has been also used as theme during Halloween parties. As you know, every child is dreaming to bring home their favorite toy character. If that’s the case, why not dress your child with one of these Toy Story Halloween costumes?

Most kids idolized characters in the movie. If they enjoy watching, they will sure be proud wearing a costume exactly like their favorite characters. Halloween is the time of the year where children are about to attend costume parties, to collect sweets, candies and to do other treat or treat activities. Typically, this is also the time where people dress themselves with the scariest costumes they have.

As we all know, babies and toddlers are often afraid to scary costumes. Instead of buying one for your child, you can buy any of these Halloween costumes that will surely fit on your child’s taste. Although, Toy Story Halloween costumes have just released these costumes, many online shops are now showcasing several items. Come and have a look for the options available.

Sheriff Woody Costumes

Every little boy fantasized to become a cowboy like Woody. And dressing him with Woody Halloween costume is like a dream comes true for him. As you witnessed in the movie, this costume appears to be on the exact same. Woody costume consists of one piece jumpsuit with an attached gun holster and vest on it. There are also accessories added up you buy the item such as bandana, boot protectors, Stetson and a hat.

Buzz Lightyear Costumes

Buzz Lighter costume is one of the most popular pick of 2010. Let your child use his imagination wearing this high-tech space suit. Similar to Woody costumes, this one also comes with a one piece jumpsuit. How excited it would be to see him walking down the street for the treat or treat. The jumpsuit has an attached wood that will truly signify the Buzz look.

It’s easy to select among primary characters in the story. If have many kids then you can have them all as you wish. However, it doesn’t mean we should forget the secondary characters when choosing Halloween costumes. Aside from Woody and Buzz, you can also pick other Toy Story Halloween costumes available including:

* Bo Beep

* Mr. Potato head

* Hamm

* Sarge (the leader of the green army soldiers)

* Jessie

Toys Story Halloween costumes are washable because most of them are made from polyester. On the other hand, the footwear is optional as you can choose to buy or to pair it with the shoe or boots your child has. When it comes to safety, you can rest assure these costumes will not bring any harm to your child. Besides, you can also save your time and money making your own costume.

Grab the opportunity to dress your child with his favorite Toy Story character. Go ahead and start picking the Toy Story Halloween costume you think the best.

Source by Russ D. Edwards

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