Ohio Laws Regarding Stun Guns

Ohio has relatively liberal laws regarding stun guns. They can be carried, openly or concealed, in most places. They are considered deadly weapons and their use in the commission of a crime will make any offense substantially greater. The person carrying a stun gun also carries a high degree of responsibility. If used while committing a crime the perpetrator can expected to receive a much greater sentence.

There is a prohibition on the carrying of stun guns in school zones. A bill passed in 2004, Bill 2923.122, making it a crime to carry a deadly weapon, which includes stun guns, on school property. It specifically excludes peaces officers and people otherwise authorized by the government to carry a deadly weapon. This exemption does not, however, include a person with a concealed weapons permit. It is considered a felony offense, so if you carry a stun gun, make sure you avoid going on school grounds or if you must go, lock the stun gun away. Be happy you live in a state with so few restrictions on stun guns!

An option that will give you access to carry your stun gun almost everywhere is to obtain an Ohio Concealed Carry Handgun License. You must meet some requirements, including being 21 years of age, having lived in Ohio for at least 45 days and be a resident, have a certificate of competency from an authorized Concealed Carry Class in Ohio, not be disqualified for reasons of criminal history or mental incompetence, have a color passport-sized photo taken within 30 days, pay a non-refundable fee of $55, and have been fingerprinted. The Certificate of Competency class covers the legal aspects of the concealed carry laws in Ohio and lasts 10 hours.

There is also an additional two hours of training at the gun range regarding the actual use and safety essentials of handling a firearm. The license is renewable every six years with some continuing education requirements. The class also covers a list of places where a Concealed Handgun holder is prohibited from carrying a weapon, such as courthouses. There is also the possibility, if you are ex-military or an ex-law enforcement officer, that you could be exempted from the majority of the training. Depending on your needs for the stun gun or other potential protective devices, a Concealed Carry License might be right for you.

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