Preparing For a Whitetail Deer Hunting Experience

Every hunter in the world is looking for the best trophy, a “Big Buck”. Chances are, some of these enthusiastic hunters will actually have the opportunity to bring down a deer or two. Other hunters will spot these animals and make a shot but unfortunately miss, while others have no luck at all, they don’t detect any whitetail deer movement. Of course, it isn’t all about luck because meticulous preparation is required. Every whitetail deer hunter should comprehend five skills:

o Stalking – this method consists of following the natural signs and the movement trails of the whitetail deer. This requires the ability to be very quiet so that the deer won’t suspect anything and also it requires basic knowledge of their habits.

o Spot & stalk hunting – this is a variation of the stalking hunting technique but in this case the deer has been seen. The whitetail hunter uses his hunting skills in order to get close to the animal as much as he can so that he will have great chances for an efficient shot.

o Stand hunting – this technique can be used from a tree or even on the ground. Both techniques require a great deal of patience. The deer hunter sets up his tree stand or he finds a place where he can hide and wait for the animal. With some rigorously pre-season investigation, whitetail deer runs can be easily detected, greatly improving the chances for an efficient hunting season.

o Still hunting – with this method, the hunter walks silently then stops to listen and wait for the prey. This still hunting method is recommended when deer haven’t been seen but are known that they are in that area.

o Line hunting – this method is used by a group of hunters. The main idea of it is that the deer are flushed out towards a line of whitetail hunters. This cooperative technique can bring great results if done properly.

The choice of weapon for a whitetail deer hunting adventure greatly depends on the area where the hunter lives but basically these animals are hunted with a gun such as a rifle or a shotgun. In some legal circumstances, hunters have the possibility to use muzzleloaders and handguns. Some old-fashioned hunters still use their bows and crossbows for their deer hunting adventure, it can be a very exciting thing to do but at the same time it is way harder in comparison with using a rifle. The bow hunting season usually starts before the regular gun season and will start again after the gun season is over.

Don’t forget about dry clothing as well as waterproof boots because low temperatures and soggy clothes increase the chances of hypothermia. Layers work better to keep you warm rather than bulky items. This also gives you more freedom to move around. Camouflage is very important and it greatly depends on the hunting area. Luckily, camouflage clothing comes in all sizes and shapes you could think of.

All things considered, planning a whitetail deer hunting adventure isn’t as easy as you might have thought but taking things nice and slow you will be fully equipped for a rewarding hunting adventure that you will remember for a long time.

Source by Razvan Jr

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