Teacups and Wreaths

One of friends has a beautiful Victorian gift shop. It has so many lovely items in there I can spend hours and hours looking.

Once I was fortunate to be invited for a private party in her tea room. It was WONDERFUL! In there were the most enchanting decorations I had ever seen. And all fashioned with delicate china tea cups! One of the ones I remember most was the tea cup wreath. It was gorgeous! So, being a craft-er, I went home and tried to make one.

My first couple attempts were disasters but I finally figured it out. The end result was with worth all my failed attempts. I have made thousands since, each one being unique and lovely in its own way. I need to share the simple how-to with everybody. It’s really quite easy and I couldn’t think of a better way to display family heirlooms, even if they were chipped or cracked.

You will need:

– Large grapevine wreath
– Green florist wire
– 3-5 Small tea cups and saucers
– Various thin ribbons and gold braids, optional
– E-6000 glue Silk leaves, optional
– Silk flowers, your color choice
– Glue gun 2″ (or wider) ribbon, fashioned into a bow for your wreath with long tails

First you need to glue the tea cups and saucers with E-6000 glue (if there’s no matching saucer to the cup—don’t worry you can still use it). Let dry.

Wire the cups/saucers into the grapevine wreath (insert the wire right through the cup handle!) at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, etc around the wreath. Then, tie the thin ribbon or braid on each cup handle with a bow, (optional) to “hide” the wire.

Glue flowers with the glue gun onto the wreath, filling in between the tea cups. Glue on silk leaves for an added touch.

Wire or glue bow at top, weaving tails though out the wreath, tea cups and florals. Spot glue in place.

P.S. As an added spark to you next tea party pour candle wax into tea cups or make a mini floral topiary in a tea cup.

Have fun crafting! See you next time!

Source by Robbie White

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