The Toy Collector: What Makes a Good One?

Toy collecting was previously considered as a hobby for only those who have convenient access to exclusive vintage stores, auctions and flea markets as well as conferences restricted to established toy collectors. Toy collecting is indeed a great hobby that can help anyone spend their spare time in a valuable way. However, besides the fact that one would need to spend time and effort in order to find fulfillment from this hobby, adding to and completing a collection is not entirely easy. You may need to exhaust all your resources and connections just to get the best collectibles out there. This is especially true before the advent of the Internet – online shopping and auctions in particular.

Today, because the Internet has become so widely used and it has proved that it can help make living in this modern world as smooth and easy as a breeze, toy collecting has been made much easier. If you are looking for a hobby where you can spend your free time for, then you should absolutely consider toy collecting. During this modern age, you can already set aside the worry of having a hard time looking for items that you can get and add to the toy collection that you are looking to create. This is because a simple login to the World Wide Web can instantly direct you to a great pool of adorable toy collectibles.

Although toy collecting can now be considered as a hassle free hobby, you should still know of the many things that you should consider in order for you to get started. There are several factors that can make or break your reputation as a good toy collector. To begin with, you should know which direction you are going. You cannot just look for shops and sellers and get any toy that would appeal to you out of impulse. A good toy collector knows how to focus – and what he should focus on. To do this, you should first set a ‘focus’ that you would want to concentrate on initially.

If you are just starting with this hobby, you should determine in what category you would like to focus on first. Deciding about this should be easy if you can assess and pinpoint your personal interest. Consider your own preferences – do you prefer action figures over toy cars, or vice versa? You can weigh your options by looking at the many different categories of toys. You can collect board games, dolls, toy weapons, toy vehicles and toy animals, among many others. A good toy collector knows what to look for when he looks for toys to purchase or trade for. You will never know exactly what you are looking for if you do not have a particular focus.

A good toy collector also knows the value of toys. Basically, collectible toys vary in value depending on different factors: its age, its availability/rarity, its popularity and its state (new or never played with, never opened, etc), among others. Your ability to spot a toys’ value in terms of these important factors is necessary. If you practice and become an expert to this aspect, you will be able to get nothing but collectibles that are priced rightfully and fairly for its value.

A toy collector also respects another collector as well as his or her collection. You should respect a fellow collector by establishing friendship with him. This way, you and your fellow collector can consider each other whenever a toy auction or sale is ongoing. Both of you may also think of each other’s collections whenever any of you comes across a toy that either of you can add to your collection.

Source by Jed Roberts

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