What Deer Hunting Rifle Should I Buy?

So you’re looking to buy yourself a deer rifle and you’re uncertain or simply have no idea what to buy? Before we go into this topic it’s important to understand that recommending any one deer rifle is like a fat guy recommending one food source. There simply are far too many to choose from and discuss in this short article. And everyone who hunts and enjoys the shooting sports has their personal preferences.

Yes, I’m going to narrow it down and make it simple for you. I’m only going to recommend one caliber of deer hunting rifle. There is merit to many calibers but I’m only going to recommend one in this article. I promise not to go into ballistics and velocities and trajectories and windage and leverage and all those terms applying to physics. You’re looking to purchase a deer rifle right? Well, here goes.

Before I make my recommendation I feel it’s important that you understand a few basic principles about shooting in general (based on my opinion of course). These recommendations include:

1. It’s important to purchase a rifle that you can shoot well, meaning accurately.

2. Buy a bolt action rifle.

3. Purchase a caliber that is not too powerful for you to shoot well. This is a common mistake made by many when choosing a deer rifle. For most people, the larger the caliber, the more difficult it becomes to shoot well because powerful recoil makes if tough to stay relaxed throughout the shooting process. You’re looking for a rifle to hunt deer not grizzly bears.

4. Purchase a caliber that has plenty of accessible and readily available ammunition (yes, Wal-Mart should carry it).

5. Purchase a caliber that is suited for the terrain you are hunting. I live in the West where big country and open spaces abound so my recommendation is based on that.

So, without further delay the single best all around deer rifle that you can’t possibly go wrong in buying is… drum roll please. It’s the.270 Winchester. And for all the reasons I listed above. It’s simply a very versatile caliber that can be used on antelope, deer, and some elk hunts.

Remember the key to any big game hunt is to make a clean, one shot kill (no “lead throwers”, please). And you need to be able to shoot your firearm accurately to do this. The.270 Win. affords you the means to do just that. It’s light, relatively easy to shoot without getting beat up with recoil or scope cut (although you still can if you’re sloppy). Accuracy always trumps knockdown power when purchasing a deer rifle. This caliber gives you a great combination of both.

The.270 Win. will give you an accurate shooting range from 100-250 yds. with minimal shooting adjustments. Anything out to 300 yards requires some elevation adjustments if you want to hit the vital areas of a deer. To take a shot that long (and many people don’t realize just how far that is) requires practice and a sound understanding of the particular load you are shooting. But then again you should always practice shooting your chosen firearm at any distance. And the.270 Win. is the perfect deer rifle for most situations.

Source by Don Mundell

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