With the Cheetah Stun Gun You Can Stop an Attack Before it Happens

The cheetah stun gun is made to stop someone from attacking you. Any one of the models they sell will drop a grown man and give you time to get away, before you are assaulted. This method of self defense comes in different sizes and varying amounts of power, so you can find one to suit you. Don’t be afraid any longer, look into the features that this safe and easy to carry self defense method has to offer.

You can get a cheetah stun gun that fits in a pocket yet still packs one and half million volts of electricity. There is one called the Little David that is about the size of a pack of cigarettes, no one will even know that you have it. The Little David model comes with a wrist strap, if it is pulled off of your wrist a kill switch will stop it from working so it cannot be used on you.

The Little David is only one of the models of the cheetah stun gun. If you are worried about having to get to close to an assailant, like I am, you can get a wand. Since it is long, you can be farther away from someone and yet still shock them. The one I like is called the spy model, it looks like a cigar case and comes with a flashlight built in.

The cheetah stun gun is purposely made with a sound blast feature that is so loud that it alone may scare off an attacker. I like this feature because it will draw attention to what is happening and may keep you from having to use the stun gun or being shown on one of the fights caught on tape that so many people set up now, just so they can be seen on the internet.

The cheetah products that I know of all have the sound feature available. I compare it to the sound of a pump shotgun. When someone hears the sound of a shotgun being pumped, they know that you mean business. When anyone hears the sound of a cheetah stun gun blast, they know what you have ready for them and they will not want to approach you.

There is a lifetime warranty on every cheetah stun device, so you do not have to worry about it breaking down. Only high quality components come with this type of warranty. All of the cheetah stun gun models have rechargeable batteries, just keep it on the charger when you are at home and it will be ready for you when you are leaving the house.

All of the cheetah stun gun models will drop someone who is attacking you to the ground, and give you time to get away and stop an assault. I hope that you never have to use a stun gun, but personally I like knowing that I have one, just in case. I still stay aware of my surroundings but I do not have the same level of fear if I am alone in a crime area and carrying my cheetah stun gun.

Source by Fred Noriender

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