Would You Stop Smoking If I Held a Gun to Your Head?

Would you stop smoking if I held a gun to your head and pulled the trigger if you ever lit up a cigarette? How people answer is not always what they would do.

Most people I ask this question to in my stop smoking hypnosis practice answer – “of course.” Well, I explain, this is what you’re doing every time you smoke. You’re playing the deadly game of “Russian Roulette” – only the odds and outcome are much worse than this game of chance.

Let me explain.

When you light up a cigarette and smoke it there is no way for you to know if this is the smoke that tips your body over the edge and into an unhealthy decline. You see you don’t hear the exploding chamber or feel the pain of a bullet penetrating your skull.

It’s a deadly silence and there is no indication you’ve just shot yourself – and it could be fatal.

Most smokers’ I see in my hypnosis practice are motivated to quit for health issues rather than saving money. Yes, smoking is very expensive these days but I’ve never found it to be the main reason a smoker decides to quit. It’s invariably concern over what is happening to their body or a life changing event that triggers the motivation to quit.

For a smoker the thought of somebody following them around with a gun ready to fire at their head if they ever smoked is enough to compel them to say they wouldn’t smoke. This is because they can imagine a gun and know eventually the chamber with a bullet will line up with the trigger.

But take the same smoker and put them back into their normal world and they’ll light up their cigarette without a thought they’re playing “Russian Roulette” with their life. In fact, it’s a lot worse than I’ve described, as the gun has an endless chamber and there is more than one bullet or chance for a fatal effect.

One chamber for every cigarette you smoke and you never know if it’s empty or has a live bullet. Are you feeling lucky today?

There’s another similar imagery I use in my hypnosis practice for the same effect.

This time a person is walking on a path in the woods and comes to a fork. One path leads to disease and death and the other path leads to a healthy life. Which one would you choose?

Ignoring any obvious cynical responses, smokers will chose the path to health; at least they’ll say that if asked. But again do their actions support this once they get back into the normal world and that fork in a forest path is far from their thoughts?

So my role after presenting this imagery to clients is to trigger in their head one of these pictures when they think of having a cigarette. Hypnosis is the tool of choice to achieve that effect.

If you’re a smoker next time you pull out a cigarette consider if you’re willing to pull the trigger of the gun at your head. Consider if you’d consciously choose the path to disease and death. If you’re thinking about it then you’re not ready to quit smoking. But if either thought disturbs you and you’re breaking out in a sweat then you may be ready to stop smoking and should seek professional help.

Source by Erika Slater

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