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The Marlin 1895 Dark Series is a new take on an old idea. The old idea is still valid, and the new things Marlin has done, to my mind, just make the original even better.

The lever-action rifle is a distinctly American tool. Invented and perfected here, it has not received the love overseas that it has had here for generations. As the gun that won the West (and yes, there are arguments about exactly which one was most responsible, but we’ll not go there now) the lever action rifle was a mainstay of hunters for generations.

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The main push to change came from the returning Doughboys, who had had exposure to the bolt-action rifle during their sojourn into The Great War. The bolt-action rifle market grew after that, but leverguns held on. After WWII, returning GIs were even more eager to embrace the bolt action. But the lever action hold on, in part because the lever action was fell to be a superior hunting tool in thick woods, and also the influence of the Westerns that lit up movie screens across America in the 1950s and 1960s.

The lever action faded from the scene, having a strong following in areas where its strengths (and its lack of high-BC bullet options) found favor. In thick brush, or close hunting areas, oh, like Pennsylvania and Michigan, the lever action was still a strong presence in hunting camps. Inside of 100 yards you don’t need a high-BC bullet. A medium-caliber bullet, at moderate velocities, does just as well on deer, and you can get a follow-up shot a lot faster with a lever action than a bolt action rifle, before the deer crosses the ridgeline.


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